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  • Who is Damon?

    Damon Brown helps potential and current entrepreneurs make their mark without sacrificing themselves. He co-founded the popular platonic connection app Cuddlr and led it to acquisition within a year, all while being the primary caretaker of his infant first son. He now guides others through his consulting, his weekly Inc.com column, and public speaking on platforms like TED. Damon’s most recent book is The Balanced Bite-Sized Entrepreneur: 18 Business Tactics to Harmonize Your Life, Love & Purpose, the latest his best-selling Bite-Sized Entrepreneur series. Join his exclusive better business discussions at <bit.ly/JoinDamon>

  • "The belief that you have to sacrifice your livelihood to leave your entrepreneurial mark is a myth."

    After co-founding and selling his popular startup, Cuddlr, within a year while taking care of his infant, Damon Brown discovered that you can pursue your passion within your current lifestyle.

    He calls it Bite-Sized Entrepreneurship.

    In The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, Inc. columnist Damon Brown gives immediately actionable strategies to help you integrate a smart side hustle into the life you currently have.

  • Your Four Steps to Entrepreneurship

    How you can be an effective entrepreneur within your current life

    Business Rockstars TV 

    "Turn Your Story into an Unfair Advantage"

    August 26, 2016

    Inc. Magazine

    "The 4 Key Traits of Successful Side Hustlers"

    July 2016

    Inc. Magazine 

    "3 Great Ways to Make Time for Your Passion Projects" August 29, 2016

    4. Prepare for Success!

    Business Rockstars TV 

    "Starting a Business & Getting Acquired"

    August 26, 2016

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    Bite-Sized Entrepreneur

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    The Productive Bite-Sized Entrepreneur

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    Balanced Bite-Sized Entrepreneur

    Smash the "work-life balance' myth

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    Bite-Sized Entrepreneur


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    Available November 17th in paperback & Kindle 

  • "The implications of his work are quite profound and will cause you to really do some deep thinking."

    -Srinivas Rao, best-selling author and co-founder of The Unmistakable Creative

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    Need to turn your abstract ideas into actionable goals?

    Contact Damon to get help communicating your message to yourself and to your audience.

    Smart advising for early, growing startups

    Better editorial content planning & management

    Motivational talks on tech insights & effective communication


    • TED Active
    • American University
    • Adult Entertainment Expo
    • Michigan State University
    • TEDxJackson
    • University of California Santa Cruz
    • American Society of Journalists & Authors
  • Damon in Action

    Recent Talks & TV Appearances

    "The Positive Power of Observation"

    March 18, 2014

    "Big Ideas on Little Pieces of Paper"

    November 6, 2014

    "You Are Not a Journalist Anymore"

    November 7, 2015


    Scriptwriter, "How To Choose Your News"

    June 5, 2014

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    Why You Can (and Should) Start Your Side Hustle Immediately

    Believe it or not, we already have most of the skills we need to create our passion-driven business. So why aren’t most people pursuing their potentially profitable ideas? They are intimidated by the small gap in their skill set. In this immediately actionable talk, Damon shares how to easily traverse that gap and explains the three crucial strengths every successful entrepreneur possesses. It is an inspiring talk for both potential entrepreneurs and ambitious upstarts.


    5 Ways to Do More in Less Time

    We all want more time for our most passionate ideas, but we often don’t even get started because we want to wait until we have more space in our schedule. Meanwhile, our best ideas could be dying on the vine. In a smart, practical talk, Damon gives five brilliant strategies that will maximize your time and boost your productivity. These actionable ideas are practical for professionals, leaders, and students.


    Why You Need to Be Global to Succeed Locally

    The most exciting business ideas often come from our own needs, but in today’s global marketplace, we absolutely must go further than our own backyard to create, test and ultimately deliver to our ultimate customers. Sharing lessons from his own acquired app, Cuddlr, Damon shows the many ways we need to go beyond our social circle (and our comfort zone) to better understand what the market needs and to serve our most important communities.



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  • "I love working with Damon! He really knows his material and writes about it in a way that non-experts can understand and actually be entertained by."

  • Entrepreneurship & Media

    Startup Leadership, Journalism & Books

    Cuddlr: Co-Founder

    (Acquired July 2015)

    Cuddlr: Social connecting in real life

    • Apple Top 10 app
    • 200,000x users
    • Cover of WSJ & NY Times


    So Quotable (SoQuo):

    Founder, Developer

    So Quotable: Capture quotes in real life

    • Featured in TED Book "Our Virtual Shadow"
    • Quotes shared by TED, Al Jazeera America & other media organizations

    Inc. Magazine columnist

    Developed the Sane Success column, exploring how ambitious entrepreneurs can thrive without destroying their personal relationships or sacrificing their health.

    Newspaper, Magazine, Online

    • Playboy Magazine
    • Al Jazeera America
    • Slate
    • Family Circle
    • NY Post
    • CNN
    • Four Seasons Magazine
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