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    Helping Non-Traditional Creatives Bloom

    4x TEDx Speaker / Entrepreneur & Coach / Inc. Magazine columnist


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    Who is Damon?

    Damon Brown helps side hustlers, solopreneurs, and other non-traditional creatives bloom.


    He co-founded the popular platonic connection app Cuddlr and led it to acquisition within a year, all while being the primary caretaker of his infant first son.


    He now guides others through his consulting, his Inc.com column, and public speaking on platforms like TED.


    Damon’s latest book is Build From Now: How to Know Your Power, See Your Abundance & Nourish the World, the follow-up to Bring Your Worth: Level Up Your Creative Power, Value & Service to the World and his best-seller The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur: 76 Ways to Boost Time, Focus & Productivity on Your Big Idea.


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  • "The belief that you have to sacrifice yourself to leave your entrepreneurial mark is a myth."

    After co-founding and selling his popular startup, Cuddlr, within a year while taking care of his infant, Damon Brown discovered that you can pursue your passion within your current lifestyle.

    He calls it Bite-Sized Entrepreneurship.

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    He goes deeper in his best-selling book series, popular keynotes, one-on-one coaching, long-running Inc. column, and as executive producer and host of the #BringYourWorth show every Monday/Wednesday/Friday.


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  • "The implications of his work are quite profound and will cause you to really do some deep thinking."

    -Srinivas Rao, best-selling author and co-founder of The Unmistakable Creative

  • Your Three Steps to Your Full Potential

    How you can be an effective side hustler, creative or solopreneur within your current life


    "How to Build Power Wherever You Are"

    September 2020


    "Why You Should Strive for Good Enough"

    September 2018

    3. Prepare for Success!

    ASJA Austin keynote

    "How to Create Your True Worth!"

    February 2018

  • Entrepreneurship,Consulting & Thought Leadership

    Startups, Journalism & Books

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    Cuddlr: Co-Founder

    (Acquired July 2015)

    Cuddlr: Social connecting in real life

    • Apple Top 10 app
    • 200,000x users
    • Cover of WSJ & NY Times


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    So Quotable (SoQuo):

    Founder, Developer

    So Quotable: Capture quotes in real life

    • Featured in TED Book "Our Virtual Shadow"
    • Quotes shared by TED, Al Jazeera America & other media organizations
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    Inc. Magazine columnist

    Developed the Sane Success column, exploring how ambitious entrepreneurs can thrive without destroying their personal relationships or sacrificing their health.


    Also contribute to:

    • Playboy Magazine
    • New York Post
    • AARP Magazine
    • Family Circle
    • CNN
    • Four Seasons Magazine


  • "His talk changed our thinking!"

    Organizer of Colombia 4.0, Bogota, Colombia

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    Damon Brown Keynote Speaker | Sizzle Reel

    Damon Brown helps side hustlers, solopreneurs, and other non-traditional creatives bloom. As a best-selling author, two-time startup founder, and four-time TEDx Speaker, Damon co-founded the popular platonic connection app Cuddlr and led it to acquisition within a year, all while being the primary caretaker of his infant son. He now guides others through his one-on-one business coaching, Inc. Magazine column, and side hustle bootcamp.

    PROFIT: How to Create Your True Worth

    Creatives often undervalue their services to the market, to their bank account, and to the world. In this inspirational and practical talk, Damon shares the best ways we can joyfully make a living off our craft, create business partnerships worthy of our skills, and truly be of service to others.

    (Video courtesy of ASJA Austin: February 3, 2018)

    PRODUCTIVITY: The Power of Good Enough

    What is the number one killer of innovation? Perfection. With perfection, the key motivation often isn’t having high standards, but being afraid of making a mistake. In this talk, I share the three powerful strengths you get when you let perfection go.

    (Photo courtesy of TEDxToledo: September 20, 2018)


    ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Why Your Side Hustle Matters More Than Ever



    Believe it or not, we already have most of the skills we need to create our passion-driven business. So why aren’t most people pursuing their potentially profitable ideas? They are intimidated by the small gap in their skill set. In this immediately actionable talk, Damon shares how to easily traverse that gap and explains the three crucial strengths every successful entrepreneur possesses. It is an inspiring talk for both potential entrepreneurs and ambitious upstarts.

    (Video from Bedroom Kandi V-Conference, August 2020)



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